Short Glossary of Common Plumbing Terms

Aerator - An aerator is a screen type of insert that is screwed onto a faucet to mix air with water to reduce splashing.

Auger - An auger is used by your professional Rooter Pro Plumbing plumbers to remove clogs from a toilet's trap. It is a bendable rod with a curved end.

Back Flow - Back flow occurs within your water pipes when one part of the wastewater plumbing system backs up into any part of the main distribution system. This contaminants those areas and is a problem that needs immediate attention.

Back Flow Preventers - These can be installed to ensure back flow problems don't happen.

Blackwater - This is waste water from the commode/toilet.

Brackish Water - Water is considered brackish when it contains bacteria between 1K and 15K ppm of dissolved solids.

Cleanout Plug - A plug within a trap or drain pipe which gives access to clear out an obstruction.

Drain-Waste-Vent system - Wastewater from the bathroom is drained through this system and sewer fumes are vented.

Fitting - A fitting is any part that joins two sections of pipes together. this includes many types such as elbows, couplings, wyes, bends, and more.

Fixture - Many believe a fixture is just the hardware like faucets, handles, and shower head or spouts, but this plumbing term includes anything that accepts or disharges water including sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs.

Flange - Flange refers to the rim or edge at the end of a pipe shaft. It helps with connecting to other pipes or anchoring to surfaces.

GPF - Gallons Per Flush is the rate of water flow that is measured and regulated. There are minimum requirements (that can change) by law that manufacturers have to adhere to.

Grease Trap - The grease trap is installed to capture all the fats, oil, and grease (FOG) from waste systems so it doesn't contaminate the sewer lines. These are usually only used in commercial restaurants or cafeterias.

Hard Water - All water supplies contain sediments including calcium, but generally water that contains 100 to 250 ppm of sediments is considered "hard". Water softeners, drain cleaning, and filtration systems take care of hard water problems.

Leach Lines - These are located on septic systems and are pipes that run off from the tank which carry off the treated wastewater so it leaches slowly into porous soil.

Manifold - This is a fitting which connects the main and a number of pipe branches together. It is a distribution point.

Overflow Hood - An overflow hood is the decorative hood that conceals overflow on the bath drain.

Potable - This is the plumbing term for water that is suitable to drink.

PVC - Polyvinyl-chloride is what the rigid, white plastic plumbing pipes are made of. They can be found in freshwater and sewer lines and come in different sizes and pressure ratings.

Scale - Scale is a heated sediment, usually calcium, that turns into a coating or layer on your pipes and can cause your dishwasher to get coated with scum. It can make significant problems in all parts of your plumbing system.

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