Why Do I keep Getting Drain Clogs?

drain clogging

If you do everything you know of to keep drain clogs from happening but you still wind up with slow moving drains and backups, we can tell you what's probably going on. Our plumbers can help you solve all the issues too and find out exactly where the clogs are located with our state of the art equipment.

Everyone winds up using their appliances on almost a daily basis unless they live in homes without them. Your icemaker, dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, and probably more are connected to your plumbing system. When you start having repetitive problems with drain clogs, the cause of the problem probably began long ago. What the biggest problem with drain clogs is the bacteria and germs that are present in the pipes. This is an unhealthy situation for all in the building or home. Imagine all the types of waste that goes down your drains and sewer lines!

The most common problems with plumbing is drain clogs. Leaks are a close runner, but drain clogs are very unhealthy if the system backs up or bacteria is lurking down your pipes. That stuff can really stink too, so if you have bad smells or black goo in and around the kitchen disposal, it's time to get your drains cleaned.

The Main Cause of Repetitive Drain Clogs

There is one main cause of repetitive drain clogs, and that is the buildup of lime scale and other sediments along the inside of your pipes. There are times we've seen rock hard scale deposits that have finally closed off the pipe. If you have slow draining issues, this is likely the problem. Hydro-jetting is the only effective way to remove that buildup throughout your whole plumbing system.

Water softeners can really help if the problem is scale deposits. That stuff sticks to everything, so if you have dishes that have white powder or scum on them after you run the dishwasher, it's a sure sign your pipes are really coated. Water softeners work great to keep your pipes clean. Your local professional plumbers at Rooter Pro Plumbing can help you find the right system for your unique plumbing system and needs.

Another cause of repetitive drain clogs can be that a family member is disposing of things through the drain instead of trash or some other method. You may not even realize they're doing it until the drain clogs and the pipes back up! Unfortunately, many things get put down drains that should never be disposed of through the plumbing system. So, it's important to know what not to put down the drains.

  • Fats, Oil, or Grease (FOG)
  • Metal objects
  • Too much toilet paper
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Pets
  • Trash
  • Stringy Vegetables
  • Potato Peelings
  • Egg Shells

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